Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lennox Fellowship: Book 1

Every Man His Own Gardner (1827) is a medium sized quarter leather binding. On receipt the leather joints were cracked and broken in several places. The joints on the inside of the boards were also broken, however the original sewing cords were still holding the boards to the textblock. To create a stronger joint the spine was completely removed from the binding. Tinted kozo paper was then used to create two hinges, one at the front and another at the back with paper left at the head and tail to turn in. The spine piece was then reattached to the boards and turned in to complete the case. Interior Japanese paper hinges were also added for added strength.

In addition to the joint damage several areas of the marbled paper covering were abraded, torn, or missing. The missing areas were filled in using a soft western handmade paper that was later treated with SC6000. Finally the book was given a chemise and girdle enclosure.

Spine and upper board before conservation.

Spine and upper board after conservation.

Foredge and lower board before conservation.

Foredge and lower board after conservation.

Textblock opening before conservation.

Textblock opening after conservation.

Upper board endpaper before conservation.

Upper board endpaper after conservation.

Lower board endpaper before conservation. Last page is stuck to fly leave.

Lower board endpaper after conservation with last page released and reattached to textblock.

Treatment completed in chimese.

Treatment completed in chimese and girdle enclosure.