Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lennox Fellowship: Book 2

Philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful (1770) is a full leather tight back binding. On receipt the upper board was completely detached and the lower board joint was cracked and worn. The upper board was reattached using tinted solvent set Japanese tissue on the outside joint and a colored Kozo Japanese paper hinge on the inside joint. The lower board received the same treatment to help add stability to the failing joint. The worn corners on the upper and lower boards were consolidated and covered with the same tinted Japanese paper as the outside joint repair. In addition to the joint repairs the title page and first page of the textblock were repaired using colored Kozo paper. Finally the book was given a chemise and girdle enclosure to prevent wear on the repaired book.

Detached upper board before conservation.

Spine and upper board before conservation.

Spine and upper board after conservation.

Spine and lower board before conservation.

Spine and lower board after conservation.

Upper board joint before conservation.

Upper board joint after conservation.

Title page repair and Japanese paper joint.

Completed work in chemise and girdle enclosure.