Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Derry Book 9

Avli Persii Flacci Satyrae Sex, shelf mark HI e19 (1602) is a limp vellum binding. On receipt it was completely missing the front cover with only a small area containing the original slips remaining, however the textblock however was still securely attached to the case by its alum tawed slips.
Due to the severe damage to the last few pages and the unstable state of the title page and first section these pages were removed, washed, repaired and sewn back into place. New handmade endpapers were also sewn in around the original supports to protect the textblock.
A new piece of toned vellum was used to make a new front cover. The repair piece was cut to size, turned in and the inside corners sewn with parchment tape to secure them. Rather than adhere the repair piece to the inside of the original spine the piece was cut in a comb shape with the combs extending into the space between the sewn textblock and the parchment cover. This repair was chosen for two reasons, first it will give much needed protection to the textblock and second it is easily removable as it is not adhered or mechanically attached to the book.
Front cover before conservation

New front cover

Inside of new front cover

Title page before conservation with temporary endpaper attached

Title page after conservation

Inside of back cover before conservation

Inside of back cover after paper repair with new sewn in endpaper