Friday, July 9, 2010

Lennox Fellowship: Book 5

Encyclopedia of Plants (1829) is part of the Bob Harvey Collection at Iowa State University. On receipt the upper board was completely detached from the case, the first and last sections were coming away from the textblock and an additional 13-page pamphlet that was previously sewn in was loose.

The textblock was completely removed from the case and the original spine linings removed. Next the loose sections were resewn into place and the 13-page pamphlet attached before the title page. New spine linings and a cloth flange were adhered and three rows of saddle stitching were sewn through the cloth for added strength.

To repair the case a Japanese paper lined piece of colored Moriki was pasted under the original green paper covering, attached to the back of the original spine covering and pasted under the the lower board paper. The repair was then turned in under the lifted pastedowns on the upper and lower boards. The paper covering along the edges of the board had worn away exposing the book board. In order to consolidate the board edges and protect the board a neutral brown kozo tissue was attached under the original decorative paper on the outside and attached under the original turnins.

Finally the textblock was reattached to the case by slotting the new stretch cotton flange under the lifted pastedowns. Japanese paper hinges were then attached to the inside joints for added staility. Finally a book shoe was constructed to provide textblock support for the book while sitting on a shelf. This type of enclosure was chosen to help prevent the large, heavy textblock from sagging and pulling away from the case.

Spine and upper board before conservation.

Spine and upper board after conservation.

Foredge and lower board before conservation.

Foredge and lower board after conservation.

View of inner joint repair.

Detached upper board, fly leaf and 13-page pamphlet.

View of attached fly leaf, board and 13-page pamphlet after conservation.

Book opening before conservation.

Book opening after conservation.

Book in custom made book shoe to provide textblock support.

View of book shoe and support piece.