Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Derry & Raphoe Diocesan Library Work: Book 2

Dictyus Cretensis is a small limp vellum binding that is part of the Derry and Raphoe Diocesan Library in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. No date was found on the book as the title page was missing a large portion. The vellum slips were broken with the case and textblock completely separated. In addition exposure to dry conditions caused the case to shrink and crack at the spine in several places. At some point the book was exposed to a spill of some kind as well as a large amount of dirt.

Front cover before conservation.

Front cover after cleaning.

Back cover before conservation.
Back cover after cleaning.
Inside of front cover and title page before conservation.
Title page conserved with spider tissue and laid paper fills.
Back side of title page repairs.
Back cover and last page before conservation.
Last page after dry cleaning and paper repair.
View of cracked spine before conservation.
Spine repaired with Japanese paper lined gold beater's skin and attached with fish gelatin.